3 Big Reasons Why Should You Have Your Own Pet Bakery Business


Many people are trying to launch their own small scale businesses these days. And it's no wonder, given that larger businesses are going down the drain but the cost of living is still on the rise. Fortunately, while other industries seem to be downsizing, the pet care industry is on the up and up. A large chunk of this industry belongs to pet food and treats. Medium to large scale businesses have the pet food department covered. But the market for the production of pet treats is still very much open. This is basically why many home based people are trying their luck with the pet bakery business.

If you are thinking about getting into this kind of business venture, here are 3 reasons why you should try to make this work.

1. The overhead expenses are very affordable. If you are trying your luck with pet treats or gourmet treats, you should know that you can operate right out of your home … or to be more precise: right out of your kitchen. You basically only have to prepare ingredients in a working cooking area and that's it. You do not need fancy equipment and you certainly do not need to buy very expensive ingredients to create pet treats.

2. The market is still expanding. Did you know that the pet care industry is now raking in more than 50 billion dollars per year? A good portion of that is dedicated to pet food and treats. And what's more: pet owners are getting extremely choosy with the treats they give to their pets. This is why organic biscuits, vegan treats, or custom made cookies for dogs or cats always sell. The fact that these aforementioned pet owners are willing to spend more money on these treats is always a great selling point. This makes it easier for the small scale pet bakery business owner to rake in a lot of profits in no time.

3. A pet bakery business can be launched successfully online. If you are operating your business on an extremely tight budget, you can do most of your marketing and transactions online. This will make it easier for you to reach a larger number of potential clients while keeping operating expenses down.


by Karen S. Freeman

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