What is the best puppy food for a Chihuahua? Unfortunately, many health related problems in Chihuahuas can stem from a lack of the proper nutrition when they were a puppy. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best food for your Chihuahua puppy:

1. Make sure the food you get has plenty of quality protein in it. Some dog food manufacturers, unfortunately, will fill their food with "by products". By products are inferior sources of protein such as chicken feet, intestines, beaks, etc. Needless to say these by products are not a very digestible source of protein. Be sure and look for a quality protein like chicken meal. Chicken meal is a very concentrated source of protein compared to chicken because the water has been removed. It should be your protein of choice.

2. The best food for Chihuahua puppies is small and bite size so it will be easy to chew up. Also, make sure they like the food! There is nothing more disappointing than buying a whole bag of "healthy dog ​​food" and then having your Chihuahua turn his nose up to it. Some dog food companies offer samples of their food so your dog can try it first.

3.Look for health promoting ingredients that will help benefit your Chihuahua puppy and their overall immune system. These would include fresh vegetables, proteinated minerals, grape seed extract and probiotics. These should be listed in the ingredient list on the bag. So read your labels carefully to make sure you are getting the best puppy food for your Chihuahua.

4. As long as a dog food is high quality, there is no need for a special puppy formula for your Chihuahua. Look for one approved by AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) for ALL stages of life, both puppy and adult.

Did you know that dogs fed a high quality dog ​​food live on average 5 or more years longer than dogs fed lesser-quality food?


by Candice Lee