Training staffy pups is a must for this popular dog breed, as they are very intelligent with friendly, loving personalities. Everyone gets so excited about getting a new staffy pup, right up until that cute little bundle of joy makes a little puddle in the middle of the floor. Little staffies are so adorable and funny that they are very much like naughty little children. In spite of their cuteness factor, you must remember to train them properly.

They love interacting with people, and this is an advantage to training them, as they work hard to please people. Remember that staffy pups will nip and chew up anything in sight. You might find your furniture a little frayed, or your favorite shoes might become your puppy's favorite new toy. Keep in mind that you will need to establish that you are the pack leader, and destructive behavior will not be tolerated. Ideally, it is wise to start training your Staffordshire bull terrier as soon as you bring them home.

Keep in mind that your life has changed for the ten to fifteen years when you decide to adopt a new puppy. Pets are very much dependent on you for everything from their food and fresh water, to exercise, and companionship. You must be able to properly care for a dog's needs before you decide to adopt one. In the first few days of bringing your staffy home, you will want to start to provide them with behavior modification training. The more you know about proper puppy training, the easier it will be for everyone involved. During the first couple of days, start with some simple dog training basics like sit and stay. Use a mix of treats and positive reinforcement to encourage your pup to perform the right action.

If you have a family, make sure that everyone including the kids pitch in to help take care of your new staffy puppy. Training staffy pups can be a little challenging in the beginning, however when you work to continuously reinforce their positive behavior, these highly intelligent dogs will learn well.

Dogs are very much like people as they learn at different rates. Take into account your puppy's personality and temperament, and practice patience and repetition. Focus on supporting your staffy puppy to help them excel at their training lessons. As with anything, proper support and repetition are key for helping your new dog to learn and adjust to their new life. Training staffy pups can be very rewarding as these dogs are highly intelligent and respond well to love, encouragement, and proper training.


by Den Oyston