Now that you have your new Bloodhound Puppy, they all require special things for them to grow up to be a mature healthy dog. Other than the obvious things such as food, water, and shelter, they also require a great deal of attention and love.

Pet owners will sometimes make the mistake of over-feeding their new pup out of love but that is and could be very detrimental to the pup’s health. Be sure to read all you can about your new Bloodhound Puppy and talk with your vet to see how much and what you should be feeding. Over-feeding will result in overgrowth in certain areas and not in others. You want your pup to have their little body parts grow at the same rate.

Some special things to help with your pup include elevating their food bowls so they don’t have to bend over as much while eating. Some have claimed to do this to prevent bloat, which can kill your pup if not treated immediately. Another thing to remember is they are still clumsy and do not have good muscle tone yet. Even though they might weigh a great deal at just a few months, they are still babies. Don’t let your puppy be a victim of drowning in their water bucket. Use a bowl or bucket that is only half their size in height and then increase it as they mature and get bigger. You may have to fill it more often but it will certainly pay off in the long run.

Keeping the pups ears and eyes clean will not only make for a good looking dog but also a clean and healthy animal. Ear mites can cause infections and lead to a very costly vet bill. Clean them on a regular basis, some recommend cleaning daily. The pup’s ears are so long that they will drag in everything from food, water, dirt from the ground, and that makes for very dirty ears if not cleaned regularly.

If you have your pup out in a dog run or kennel outside another good idea is to purchase a flea and tick spray that can hook up to your garden hose to spray their area. Some sprays last for a week but be sure to use something to keep the parasites to a minimum and check your pup regularly for these. This can also lead to a costly vet bill and discomfort for your animal. Find a natural product that won’t hurt your puppy if ingested.

These special things to know about your Bloodhound Puppy will keep them happy and healthy for a long, long time. As they grow, you will want to maintain them too, just as if they were puppies. You will find out that some don’t get near as messy once they are full grown so the maintenance and upkeep of your Bloodhound will be somewhat reduced. Most of all, be kind to them and love them lots. They will bring you years of joy and affection.

by Debbie K Davidson