The nutritional needs of young puppies, adult and senior dogs are not the same. The metabolism of dogs varies with age, breed and with individual characteristics while the nutritional requirements of your dog changes with age and environment.

If your pet has been ill, has a chronic disease or has undergone surgery, he may require additional vitamins and minerals to regain his health. A diet deficient in essential vitamins and minerals may cause your pet to have a coat that appears brittle and dull and can lead to neurological problems as well.

Young puppies rely on their mother's milk for all of their nutritional needs. If weaned too early, puppies can rapidly develop vitamin deficiencies that may weaken them for life. Esbilac Puppy Powder and Esbilac Puppy Liquid are milk replacement products that provide all of the dog vitamins and minerals a puppy needs to grow into a healthy adult.

For adult dogs, Pet Tabs given daily ensure there is adequate support for shiny coats, healthy skin and bone support. With daily vitamins and mineral pet meds or advanced health supplements, your dog's future of a long and healthy life is greatly improved.

Older dogs can benefit from Arthrogen and Pet Tabs that help improve painful, stiff joints and stave off diseases that may attack the weakened immune system of an aging pet. Good nutrition not only aids the growth and daily health of your pooch but can help protect his body's defenses as he battles chronic diseases such as allergies, eye and ear problems, and kidney disease.

Eye problems might improve when a dog is given supplements containing Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. Kidney disease can cause vitamins and minerals to be flushed from the animal's system so replenishing the animal's body with Renal Essentials full of high dose vitamins and minerals provides needed support .

If dog allergies have led to skin problems, Omega3 fatty acids help repair skin damage through nutritional support. As a supplement, Cosequin increases the easy mobility of your dog by repairing damaged joint cartilage. Nutritional supplements for dogs can be purchased as liquids or powder that can be added to the pet's daily food. Some like PetTabs are in chewable form which your dog will look forward to as a treat.

Vitamins, minerals and other pet health supplements are formulated to address specific problems. For example, Glyco-Flex Chewable Tabs are designed to provide full support for the connective tissue (joint health) of sporting and working breed dogs. For adult and aging dogs, Glyco-Flex as a supplement can ease moderate joint problems. Arthrogen for dogs combines proven ingredients Glucosamine and Chondroitin with Vitamin C and manganese in a tasty beef flavored supplement aim at supporting joint health.

When you add a nutritional supplement to your dog's diet, the results will not be immediately apparent. It may take up to 60 days for the health benefits of the supplement to be fully used by the animals systems. Be patient and administer the supplement daily and the results can be surprising a few weeks from now.

One popular powder supplement is The Missing Link which contains omega3 fatty acids, plant nutrients and a broad spectrum of natural fibers delivered in a formula that is as close to natural nutrition as possible.

The Missing Link is a dietary supplement that addresses many health issues caused by commercial pet foods lacking real nutritional value. This tasty powder is sprinkled over your pet's food once a day. Benefits include a shiny coat, healthy skin, increased energy levels, improved digestion and healthy joint function.

Most dogs can benefit from the addition of PetTabs, supplements that address specific problems of kidneys or joints, or inclusive nutritional additives that improve the animal's overall health.


by D. Thurmond, DVM