Human babies are not the only ones that suffer from teething pain … puppies do too! Between four to eight months of age, puppies will start to lose their baby teeth and begin to grow a new set of permanent teeth. Though puppies are pretty stoic about the pain they may experience while going through the teething process, trust me, they can be quite uncomfortable. Loose teeth and inflamed gums will most likely have your pup howling for relief!

When a baby goes through the teething process, he or she will often find relief by chewing on a cold teething ring. Puppies are no different! Chewing helps to relieve your pup's inflamed gums. Unfortunately, to find relief, your puppy will chew just about anything he can get his paws on including your favorite pair of sneakers. You have been warned!

Just as frozen teething rings can bring relief to babies, puppies also enjoy a nice, cold teething aid. In order to save money, you can make your very own puppy teething toy. Simply soak an old washcloth or sock in water, twist it several times, and freeze solid. Your pup is sure to enjoy gnawing on the frozen material and his gums will feel much better! Once the material thaws, simply wash it, re-soak, and toss it back in the freezer. Easy and a great way to save money!

Of course, you can always buy toys for your puppy to chew on that will provide the same relief as home-made ones. In order to protect your cherished belongings, it is important that you provide some type of chew toy for your puppy. It really doesn't matter if they are home-made or purchased as long as he can find relief by chewing on something! Solid rubber toys are a wonderful choice and are easily found in any pet supply store.

It is important for your puppy to have toys to chew on during teething time. However, it should be noted that not all toys are appropriate and can possibly be dangerous to your pup's well-being. Avoid giving your pup old, worn-out leather shoes or other leather goods. Though your pup may be the smartest furry critter on four legs, he will not know the difference between an old leather shoe and a new one. By giving him shoes of any kind, you are sending the message that it is OK for him to search through your closet in order to find the latest and greatest chew toy.

Also avoid toys that have feathers, bells, and squeakers. Though fun, these items can be dangerous if your pup decides to swallow them. If you MUST give your puppy a toy with a squeaker in it, allow him to play with it ONLY when supervised.

Even though it may seem that on most days, your pup is all teeth, find comfort in the fact that his teething days will pass quickly. Teething is a part of growing up and chewing simply helps your puppy deal with his pain and discomfort. Store bought chew toys, as well as, home-made teething aids are both perfect ways to bring your puppy much needed relief. Though puppies are a lot of work, cherish every minute. Before you know it, your adorable little puppy will be full grown and you will be wishing you had more time with him. Life is short, enjoy it! Woof!


by David Holiday