Specially formulated cat food for pet urinary crystals can help prevent bladder stones and urinary tract infections. In this article, you'll learn why this pet food works and the other important steps that you should take if your cat has been diagnosed with bladder stones.

Many pet owners unwittingly feed their pets junk food. This is because trusted brands make their kibble with all sorts of chemicals, including preservatives and artificial dyes. They also include meat byproducts, cheap grains and other fillers. Unfortunately, these ingredients can alter the delicate pH of the bladder which allows bacteria to grow and bladder crystals to form.

Check the label on your pet food. If you see long names that are difficult to pronounce and artificial colorings and byproducts listed, then you'll want to stop feeding your dog this food immediately. Don't feel bad about this because it's not your fault. These foods are portrayed in commercials as good food that gives cats energy and a promotes a long, happy and healthy life.

Next find a good organic cat food for urinary crystals. You can buy this in a health food store, at your vet's office, online or even in the grocery store. Make sure to read the label and look for real ingredients. Although this food will cost more than junk food brands, it will be worth it because it will support a healthy urinary system as well as giving your cat the nutrients needed to heal from years of eating a junk food diet.

In addition to good kibble, make sure to give your cat a natural remedy that is designed to heal bladder issues. This is especially important if your cat is currently suffering from an infection or bladder stones because it will accelerate healing. These remedies contain proven ingredients like Uva Ursi that restore and maintain the pH of the bladder, eliminate infection, dissolve bladder crystals and heal inflamed and painful tissues. Unlike antibiotics, they have no side effects.

Not all natural remedies are created equal, so be sure to look for one that contains the ingredient listed above as well as Cantharis and Staphysagris. These herbs are gentle, but effective. Best of all, this formulation has been proven effective in clinical trials. Since the best natural remedies get to the root cause of the problem, they prevent recurring issues.

For older cats or cats who are prone to urinary problems, these natural remedies are gentle enough to use every day. Used in combination with cat food for urinary crystals, a natural remedy will eliminate pain and get your cat back on the road to health quickly, safely and inexpensively.


by Laura Ramirez