Like humans, dogs can suffer from the pains of arthritis. If you're a dog owner reluctant to put your loved companion through a dog arthritis treatment, we totally understand your concerns. Many dogs don't respond positively to medications and end up feeling worse.To solve your dog's problem, you might resort to natural methods of treatment. Let us begin by defining arthritis and its causes in the canine world.

Arthritis is the inflammation of joints and muscles usually affecting older, inactive, or overweight dogs. Unlike humans, your dog cannot define his pain but you can tell if your dog has arthritis by his level of activity and responsiveness when you call his / her name. The most common type of arthritis affecting dogs is osteoarthritis associated with overuse of cartilages. You can help your dog battle arthritis naturally using the following herbs and supplements …

Vitamin C is one of the best supplements to protect against joint deterioration. Depending on your dog's size, you can add up to 4,000 mg of powdered Vitamin C to their meals to alleviate arthritis symptoms. You must avoid powdered Vitamin C that's highly acidic, instead use a less acidic form – Ask your pharmacist for more details.

Mussels are essential to repairing damaged tissues. Greenlip mussels and Perna mussels are most effective in dog arthritis treatment. If you can't find fresh mussels, you can easily find a suitable shellfish extract at your local pet store.

Vegetables are one of the top dog arthritis fighters. Your dog may not like eating vegetables, but try to mix them with his / her food for best results. Vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins that help alleviate arthritis aches.

Alfalfa and Yucca are great in reducing arthritis pains for dogs. These herbs can be easily brewed into a tea that your dog drinks on a daily basis. The dosage depends on your dog's size and age. For best results, try to brew the tea early morning as your dog's joints are the stiffest then.

Stinging nettles are yet another herb that can lower your dog's arthritic pain.You can easily make your dog a stinging nettles tea using the powdered extract. For best results, add the stinging nettles to the Alfalfa and Yucca herbal tea.

A mix of comfrey leaves, chopped rosemary, and parsley lubricate your pet's joints. While many dogs won't like the mix, they still love eating comfrey leaves.

Using these natural methods, you can reduce the symptoms of dog arthritis. One obstacle is that dogs can be fickle with their eating patterns. Another obstacle is the cost and availability of these natural herbs. As a solution, you can use natural arthritis relief oral drops. Such homeopathic remedies are easy to administer and have no negative side effects on your dog's health.


by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba