Dog pain relief is important for any pet owner. If your dog or cat is suffering from stiff joints, or has a shakey leg, or is slow getting up and down then it may time to consider giving him or her glucosamine for dogs and cats or the all natural pet pain reliever from Pet Bounce.

The most important thing for most pet owners is the safety of certain medications for dog pain relief and cat pain relief. Usually the second most important thing to consider is the cost.

Before deciding which is the best pain reliever for your pet you may want to talk it over with your vet. As you probably are aware, the cost of purchasing medications through your vet is much higher than if you were to buy similar medications through pharmacies and online and offline pet stores.

Glucosamine for Dogs and Cats Vs Pet Bounce

Glucosamine for dogs and cats is used as a supplement and can come in many forms. Many people report that glucosamine is good for dog pain relief and can help with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, disc degeneration, bursitis, ankylosing spondylitis, tendinitis, cartilage / tendons / ligaments repair, skin wound-healing, carpal tunnel syndrome and in reducing inflammatory response .

Many times people will purchase glucosamine through a pharmacy or pet store. The cost can range from about $ 30 to $ 50 per month when using glucosamine for Dogs and Cats.

Pet Bounce

Pet Bounce is an all natural pain reliever designed specifically for dog pain relief and cat pain relief. It is becoming a very widely used product since it is not only affordable, but can easily be given to your pet since it is applied with drops.

Using it for dog pain relief can be much more affordable than the vet prescribed meds since dogs will use more medication than most other pets.

Pet bounce not only focuses on joint pain but on many other health related pet issues and the cost of this supplement in the long run is much cheaper.

First of all they offer a completely free sample to let you try the product and if you don't like it there is no obligation to continue buying their dog and cat pain reliever.

After that you can try their monthly service. Here is how the costing works for pet bounce online. You can buy a 4 months supply (3 bottles) online for about $ 110, after which you get free refills for as long as you like. You only have to pay the $ 13 shipping fee to get your refills which are more than a months supply depending on the size of your pet.

When it comes to pricing, the Pet Bounce all natural pain reliever is better than glucosamine, especially for dogs.

When it comes to which one is the better for dog pain relief or cat pat pain relief, many have claimed that the added benefits of the pet bounce product, plus the fact that it is specifically designed for pets, makes it the better the product.


by Joe Babsy