At first many laughed at the idea of ​​a dog using a treadmill or thought dog treadmills are simply for pet owners who are too lazy to walk their canines. Then Rachael Ray and Cesar "The Dog Whisper" Milan featured pet treadmills on their television shows and suddenly dog ​​treadmills went from a just funny video to a real consideration for many pet owners.

Why Buy A Dog Treadmill?

The main reason many pet owners purchase a treadmill for their beloved canine is simple – convenience. Often weather conditions, such as heavy rain, summer heat or winter snows, make walking the dog unpleasant or even unsafe. Perhaps your pooch refuses to go outside when it is raining. That dog treadmill is starting to look like a good option!

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog

Another reason to consider a pet treadmill is a tired dog is a happy dog. Dog trainers often cite boredom and restless energy as a cause of pet behavior problems. A treadmill can provide a safe place for the family dog ​​to burn off extra energy, which is especially valuable if your four-legged fur child seems to be getting into mischief during the day while you are away. Additional exercise could be the key in curbing destructive behaviors.

Not All Neighborhoods Are Suitable for Walking the Dog

Neighborhoods change and living situations change. Perhaps your once tranquil street now is a main thoroughfare with heavy traffic or downsizing meant giving up a fenced backyard. A pet treadmill again offers a safe and convenient exercise option for your dog.

Disabled Dogs Need Exercise, Too

Since pets are a lifetime commitment, our beloved four-legged family members will one day be senior citizens. When walking on a treadmill, weight is evenly distributed and the end result is less stress on elderly canine joints. Disabilities, such as cataracts, blindness or mobility issues, can make it unsafe or stressful for dogs to walk on a leash outdoors. A consistent exercise routine is necessary component for the health of your dog; so again, a treadmill offers a safe alternative to a daily walk outside or an afternoon at the dog park.

Also, pet parents experience health issues, both temporary and long-term, which do not allow them to take the dog outside for a walk or even to the backyard for a game of fetch. A treadmill would allow pet parents, a dog walker or caregiver a safe place for the dog to exercise and which would still allow interaction between dog and dog owner.

An Extra Level of Safety for Your Dog's Exercise Routine

In today's busy world, many people travel for work or pleasure on a regular basis and hire outside help to care for our pets while we are away. Some dogs can be challenging to walk, especially is they are big, strong, like to pull on their leash or they tend to be escape artists. With an established exercise which includes daily walks on the treadmill, the dog sitter can safely and securely continue the dog's exercise routine without taking the dog outside.


by Donna Curry