With the increased awareness that people have when it comes to the health of their dogs, it makes sense that dog vitamins are selling so well, but it is important for you, ad a dog owner, to ensure you get the right vitamins for your dog . In this article I will discuss two popular supplements for dogs, but first let's look at why they are important in addition to quality dog ​​food

Why dogs need vitamins

Back in the day pet owners would simply give their pets a few scoops of dog food a day and that was enough, but now people know that dry dog ​​food is not enough. Many veterinarians will agree that a lot of the common health problems in dogs are somewhat related to their diet. Problems like allergies, coat problems, and especially digestive problems can all be traced back to poor diet. So what is dog food missing?

Most dry dog ​​food is made with low grade ingredients that do not contain quality vitamins an nutrients. If that is not bad enough they then add a bunch of fillers to the food. Fillers are ingredients that a dog can not digest, or are not normal for a dog to eat, ingredients like corn, wheat and soy.

Even the best dog foods with human grade ingredients still can not deliver what dog vitamins can for one simple reason. Pet food is made with high heat to bake the food and sterilize the food. This high heat greatly diminishes the vitamins in the food used to make the kibble.

How can a dog get more vitamins

One way is with dog vitamins. Nuvet labs is one company that makes multivitamins for dogs. These multivitamins are made with human quality foods and cold pressed, which maximizes the vitamin count in each wafer. The multivitamins will help dogs with allergy problems, skin and coat problems, joint problems and more. Another great product from Nuvet is Nujoint Plus. This supplement will help dogs suffering from joint pain and arthritis.

It is important that you select a dog vitamin that is high quality. Low quality vitamins will not be made with the same process and may not provide as much nutrition as the top quality brands. It is also a good idea to go with an all natural dog vitamin, and not the chemical kind. You can tell if the vitamins are chemical based if they come in a white pill.


by Jeremy Rupke