The story of Eukanuba begins in 1969 when its founder, who goes by the name of Paul Lams, was looking at potential names for his new pet food formula that he had created. By this time Lams had already created a reputation for producing high quality pet food and was a self taught animal nutritionist and by 1974 he was recognized around the world as being one of the best in the business. The term Eukanuba actually came from a phrase used in the jazz era of the 1940s and meant “something supreme” which, to Paul, seemed apt for his new line of products. The brand is now in the hands of the global company, Proctor & Gamble.

The brand now covers a range of products for both dogs and cats and they cover both food as well as various treats, for dogs only, all of which are made with their nutritional needs in mind. It is also important to point out that their products are broken up into puppy, or kitten, adult, and those products for senior animals since at each stage of their life their nutritional needs change.

The majority of their products are classed as being dry food, although they do create a wet food range as well. In order to look at their products it is best to break it up into dogs and cats with the dog products coming first.

If you own a dog, then you may be able to purchase products from their breed specific formulas and the list of breeds is on their website. Alternatively, if they suffer from problems connected to their joints, skin, or digestion then there is a dry food specially formulated to help with these conditions. As was mentioned earlier they have individual products for puppies, adult dogs, and those classed as seniors and even within these groupings they have individual products according to their size. Their scientific approach to nutrition has also led to them producing dry food for dogs that are more active since they lose more energy and even if after all of this you are still unsure then their Pure Formula dry food is suitable for all breeds.

Their wet food for dogs comes in a range of flavors, and all packed with the correct nutrients, and finally with treats they are split up into age groups and even treats for weight control. This of course means you can still pamper them without it affecting their health.

Eukanuba cat products follow the same general lines as their dog products in that they are split up into kitten, adult, and mature to ensure they get the correct nutrients. Again, they do both dry and wet food, but with a few subtle differences due to different needs for cats. You will therefore see that they manufacture a dry food to give relief from hairballs, weight control, as well as a sensitive stomach. When it comes to the wet food then there is an option for kittens along with different flavors for adult cats.

With such a high degree of work having been put into their products it is perhaps useful to know how well respected they are within the market and you will see that they have gained recognition with groups such as the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and American Kennel Club (AKC). This alone bears testimony to the quality of the products that they produce as these partnerships are rather prestigious and there is also real competition between pet food manufacturers to get into this position.

Aside from that recognition the company itself is known for producing a quality product and the fact that so many vets sell them, as well as just recommending them to their clients, lets you know how well respected they are within the industry. They are known for their Vital Health System which looks at six vital aspects of nutrition for your pet and ensures their products adhere to them. By doing this it means your pet is getting the correct nutrients to help their bones, muscles, their skin and coat, general health, digestion and even dental help so they will benefit in a number of ways from this line of products.

The care they put into their products is even reflected in there having been few recalls over the last few years involving Eukanuba and they have generally been linked to them just taking precautions. In 2010 a number of lines were recalled due to fears of potential salmonella contamination in a production plant in Ohio. In 2007 it was also involved in a mass recall of pet food involving all of the main names in the industry due to toxins in products from a company called Menu Foods. These recalls were conducted in accordance with the authorities, but they are very rare indeed.

Overall the general consensus of Eukanuba products is that they will help maintain better health for your dog or cat and they do have 40 years experience in the industry to back this up. Their founder was widely accepted as being an authority in animal nutrition and the knowledge that they have built up should give you confidence in the Eukanuba brand. They make it easy to get the correct food for your dog or cat according to common health conditions and even their age so you will be sure they are being fed the correct things therefore giving you peace of mind. A search online will always throw up negative reviews, but this applies to any brand name and not only Eukanuba in which case you always need to go with the majority verdict that say your pet will benefit from this line of pet food.


by Jon L Templeton