I was amazed by this dog Rex because he was very gentle around my dogs when he came to visit me. They seemed to get along very well. I wanted to know more about the Shiba Inu. I had to investigate a little bit more about this breed of dog. I asked my brother because he owns 2 of them.

I wondered why he was always getting over the fence. Also I wondered why he would run away when he was called to come home?

I found out that a Shiba Inu will dart out if given half a chance. This is a dog breed that is very attached to his human family members and can't stand being isolated from them. To think of keeping a Shiba in the backyard or in the garage is a mistake because that bold, bright natured dog will create loud noise and be destructive in that situation. He will be charming and affectionate around his human family, but has a sense of humor about him when it comes to human commands. A Shiba Inu is very challenging to raise and train. A high-spirited, an independent spirit, has to always be kept on a leash. He has quick reflexes and a drive for prey wanting to pursue anything that moves. Don't try to chase him for he can outrun and outdodge any human and frequently does. Shibas are true runners.

Because my son faced a fine with the city for a wandering dog Rex was given to another family member and was in that household for 4 years. The daughter of this family kept him with her after that until she went to college. She had to leave him alone too long for a dog. Rex was getting lonely. He was eating less and playing much less than usual. She was regularly come home to things chewed up and trash spilled about the house. Rex was trying to tell her he was lonely.His destructive behavior was his only way he could communicate to her of his loneliness and boredom.

She felt so sorry for Rex she asked us if we could take him home for keeps. My husband and I went down to take him home with us. Bringing along our pull-along camper for the trip, Rex had a comfortable rest sleeping one night with us before we arrived home.

My two dogs seemed to remember him and received him into our family. Since I am semi retired, working every other weekend I have plenty of time to keep him company and he seemed to be adjusting quite well right away. My husband is home most weekends and the nephew, living down stairs, also takes part in his care.

My dogs are Miniature Schnauzers. One of them named Zeke, age 14, was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen during the summer and was in remission at the time Rex arrived. Sparky, the other one is 10. They have been together since they were puppies. So we now have a three dog night, I am just being funny now.

Rex is 9 years old and had his Vet visit. He is current on all his' shots "and is chunky for his age. He seems more relaxed and it may be his age. With an adult dog, you can easily see what you have, and he, as an adult Shiba Inu has already proven himself not having negative characteristics.

Rex has a strong temperament. Shiba Inus are very bright but they have an independent mind of their own. He loves squeaky toys and will hold up his right paw to shake for a treat. My son said he taught him that. The only thing I had to get use to was heavy shedding. These Shiba Inus sheds a little throughout the year. For about three weeks during the spring and three weeks during the fall these dogs shed a lot according to my brother. We found that to be true when we brought Rex home. I had to be sure that hair and fur on clothing and the furniture would be okay because my miniature schnauzers do not shed. Rex gets brushed regularly by the nephew. I already am attached to Rex. We had a wonderful Christmas when our other family members all came and they brought their dogs. That weekend went very well.

After Christmas, mid January, Zeke passed away from a stroke. He is missed but Sparky has Rex for company and that is called joy.


by Nila J Spitzack Hetteen