Fido fashions are always in style, and if you have a pooch or a puppy, then you know how cute and adorable an upscale pup can look. Having said that, there are many great pet accessories that you can pick up for your four-legged friend: dog clothes, pet carriers, dog costumes, pet sweaters, collars, leashes – just about anything that you want to lavish your dog with can be used and identified as something to transform your beagle or black lab into a stylish upscale pup!

So, what are the hot doggy fashions this year? What are the must have pet accessories that dogs from coast-to-coast are howling and barking for? What are the funky threads that upscale pups are hoping to discover under the Christmas tree or stocking (as we are in the holiday season)? Well, there are many great dog accessories that current and hopeful upscale pups are rolling over and begging to get. However, we’ve listed five hot and must-have designer dog boutique items that your dog would simply love to be seen in.


Pretty and practical, dog clothes are the perfect way to punctuate the personality of your pooch. There’s everything from dog dresses to Halloween style dog costumes to pet sweaters that can keep your dog warm and toasty on the coldest of evenings. After all, there’s nothing better than a good-looking, well-dressed dog. If you’ve ever heard the saying that “the clothes make the man”, you can easily transfer and apply that phrase to your dog as well. And besides, another reason why dog clothes are always such a hot commodity: they’re simply so cute and dogs look so adorable when wearing them!


Why walk when you can be transported in style? A recent trend in dog accessories, dog carriers have exploded in popularity and now dog owners all over the country are looking for bring their upscale pups with them in style. However, besides looking good and being funky, dog carriers and pet carriers in general do serve another purpose too, as they can also keep your upscale pup safe and sound. If you’ve ever taken your dog with you in a crowded or busy area, the last thing you want is for your puppy to feel scared and try to escape. With a pet carrier, you can keep your dog close to you in crowded locations, while at the same time ensuring your dog looks good in the process.


What constitutes a dog accessory? How about doggy backpacks, designed to look good and be functional at the same time, allowing you upscale pup to bring with him or her their favorite treats and goodies during a busy day out. Or pet accessories could be a pair of funky sunglasses, hats, ornate collars and special charms too. Just like people use accessories to highlight their appearance, dog accessories can be used to enhance the cuteness that your pooch already possesses!


There’s nothing better and more comfortable than fitting and snuggling into a warm and cozy sweater – and the same goes for upscale pups as well. A warm and stylish dog sweater is the perfect way to keep your puppy looking good and warm at the same time. Remember, even though your dog is already made with a a furry coat, they could use some help from time to time, especially when the temperature drops during cold winter nights. Dog sweaters can come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors – designed for a snug and comfortable fit.


What dog doesn’t like to play or chew with a fun and challenging toy? Dog toys can serve a variety of purposes. One, they can keep your dog entertained or occupied for hours on end. Secondly, dog toys can satisfy an upscale pup’s natural need to chew. Three, dog toys can also stimulate your dog’s brain, forcing them to problem solve – depending on the exact nature of the dog toy in question. Ropes, bones, puzzles, chew toys – your dog will love them all. Plus, without a doubt, your puppy will look incredibly cute while playing with their favorite toy.


by Manny M. Manuel