You've no doubt heard of or may be even experienced the benefits that organic food can have on our health, so do these benefits extend to the well being of your dog? Organic dog food can be considerably more expensive than regular dog food, so is this price difference justified?

In this article we'll look into some of the obvious and not so obvious benefits of feeding your dog organic dog food. It may just be exactly what you're dog is after! Here are some of the reasons to opt for organic over non-organic dog food:

Better Digestion: Organic dog foods will not only contain superior sources of grain and proteins, but they'll also be largely without the chemicals and artificial substances that are so common in regular pet food. This will be greatly beneficial for your dogs digestive system, especially if it currently has problems with gas, diarrhoea or is regularly bloated.

Higher Energy: This also ties in with the above point. Due to organic dog food using higher quality ingredients and less bulk-fillers, your dog will need to consume less food and of the food it does consume, it's body will process it easier. As with humans, when a dog isn't bloated with "filler" ingredients and can extract more nutrients from it's food, it will have vastly more energy. This is also directly related to the weight of your dog, so if it's on the larger side, organic food could definitely be a good option.

Reduce Health Problems: If your dog suffers from any sort of health problems, for example, skin conditions, then it can often be directly related to it's diet. Many dog ​​owners report that switching to organic dog food greatly helped their dog with various conditions. Although it might not be a complete "cure all", it makes sense that better quality ingredients are likely to help, wouldn't you agree?

Higher Quality Ingredients: This is the obvious benefit to organic dog food, and something we often don't appreciate as we're not eating it ourselves. But don't you like to ensure that you consume only the best possible ingredients? If so, why should it be any different for your dog? Do you realize that a lot of commercial, standard dog food can contain ingredients such as blood and hair, not to mention the unnatural chemicals? With organic dog food you can know precisely what you're giving your dog, and know that it's going to fully benefit from all the ingredients.

In conclusion, you need to decide whether these benefits are strong enough reasons to go with organic dog food, despite the cost. That's a decision that's ultimately up to you, but one that your dog has to live with.


by Jackson Golde