Do they really work?

My secretary Barb certainly thinks they are worth a shot…

How would you like to deliver that funny pickup line and shortly after end up home showing her that super duper fish tank of yours?? Some claim to do that without even opening their mouths. We may cover that interesting topic on another occasion.

Remember what our mum said to us when we were little puppies…”Do not talk to strangers”.

As a result, most of us live in our own little bubbles, knowing and interacting with only a handful of people for most of our lives. This may not be completely true, some interact with strangers when their car breaks down or when that old tire goes flat, and that seems to be more than enough for most of us to handle.

Wouldn’t the world be a much happier place if people were genuinely interested in each other and everyone got along just fine. Remember the time when we were 5 years old playing in the sandbox with anyone, making sand castles, helping ourselves to the eggs from the chicken farm and then mixing them with sand and sugar to make that super sandy mud cake. There was no need for pick up lines to make friends back then, and the only expectation from that interaction was to have lots and lots of fun.

For a lot of people interacting with new people and talking to strangers is not only outside of their reality but the idea itself is absolutely ridiculous.

Some of us on the other hand, would like to make new friends and start conversations with the opposite gender especially the attractive ones, but the thought itself scares the hell out of us. Starting conversations with strangers is scary stuff I must admit, and it has been compared as being scarier than parachuting and bungee jumping put together.

There must be a solution and this is where “funny pick up lines for guys” can take away that bungee jump feeling.

Everyone likes quick fixes and funny pick up linescan help break the ice.

Having a few great pick up lines up your sleeve can actually make it much easier to approach and start conversations.

Once you break the ice, and she starts responding only then can you move onto the next step and work your magic and make that emotional connection.

But, if you can’t get the conversation started, then you can’t do any of these things!

It seems such an easy thing and yet many of us including myself find it an extremely difficult thing to do.

OK, below are a few funny pick up lines as a bridge into a good, interesting conversation.

Here are some funny pick up lines you can try, but make sure you get back to me and leave a comment or two, and let me know how they worked for you.


“If you were a sandwich in here, you’d be called McGorgeous.”

Use Anywhere

“Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, what do you do for a living?”

“My name is Elmo. But can’t tickle me yet…. I just met you.”

“I hope you mastered CPR, because you take my breath away.”

“Hi, you looked really nice……> yes, you looked really nice … from over there” >


> “Your shoe is untied. Can I tie it for you?”

> “I’m not actually this tall; I’ve got this bad habit of sitting on my wallet.”


For a good warm up try this: As soon as you get into a venue put a big smile on your face, walk up to the group and throw a few funny lines. Try to get the whole group involved. Leave soon after and make sure leave on a high. Aim to talk to everyone and not just attractive women. Once you have already interacted, you can re-engage at a later stage. It is so much easier second and third time around.


by Slavisa Stojilovic