Not many people think about trying to save money and better their dog's life through home cooked dog food. Making food for your dog at home offers him so many advantages, as well as a huge savings in your wallet. It is common practice to simply grab the first food off the store shelves.

Not many people think to look at ingredients, nutrition, and then the ration to the cost. You may not be paying much for the cheapest dog food, but you are not getting any quality in it either.

When you start raising the cost of the pet store food, you start to raise the quality as well. There is a maximum that consumers will spend on pet foods, and that is still not what your dog needs to be getting the best quality. Making your own pet food will save you from having to inspect every label and money.

Cost Efficiency

Home cooked food saves the consumer so much money in the long run. Not only does a bag of manufactured food of any quality cost over thirty dollars at least, it is still not as good as if you made your own. To buy the main fresh ingredients to make your own food at home you would spend about the same amount of money. The main difference will be the nutritional value of the food and the vet costs long run. Dogs that get proper nutrition get sick less, have less skin problems, and need less vet time in general. Most, if not all, manufactured pet foods contain chemicals for longer shelf lives. These can cause skin issues, allergies, and health concerns that can lead to high vet bills.

The Time Factor

Many people are afraid to even venture into making their own dog food. They think time will be an issue. What they do not realize is that there is no more time involved in home cooked dog food then it takes to make one meal for yourself. When you have to go buy food for your dog in the stores you will need time to travel there. You hope the first store has when you need in stock or you could be going to one or more places. Then you need to get to the right section, stand in line to pay, and drive back home. In that time you could have made all the food your dog needs.

The Dog Perspective

Home cooked dog food is not only great for your dog, but loved by him to. He will be more satisfied with his tasty dog ​​food that you will notice that he will beg less. Dogs fed homemade food also stay out of the trash most often. This is because the dog food is more satisfying than the bland store bought foods that are filled with fluff and filler. From your pup's perspective, making his food tells him how much you love him.


by Brad Weston