Homemade Dog Food – Factors You Need to Consider


My dog ​​is my pet as well as my friend and my protector. To some of us, they are our only family. Think about the divorcees, the childless, the unmarried or the aged. That is why our dogs deserve the best of care. They deserve that same care, protection and love we extend to our human acquaintances. The type of nutrition we serve our them therefore demonstrates one of the best ways of showing our love to our dogs.

Most of the dog foods being sold in the supermarkets and shops today are really not what their manufacturers claimed they were. Most are complete rip-offs. For example, if they claim the food contains whole meat, check properly. Chances are that the canned dog food contains 35% meat and 75% water. Endeavor to always check the label of any dog ​​food properly before purchase.

For this reason, making your own dog food is the best if you could afford to do so. It is not everyone that has the time or the financial capability to do so. You understand your dog best. You know the likes and the dislikes in terms of nutrition and food types. You know what ailment or diseases it is suffering from. You are the one who knows your dog's age. Above all, you know what kind of nutrients and supplements will enhance its growth. All these should therefore be taken into consideration when preparing your homemade dog food. However, it is advisable to consult your vet along the way. Try to mix raw foods with processed foods for the food. This way, you will know what food type the dog loves best.

It is a known fact that dogs are carnivores. So give them enough meet or chicken to eat to boost their protein intake. Mix protein, carbohydrate and fats in the right quantity for your dog. Note however that too much protein is harmful for the older dogs. Too much red meat has been found out to be one of the causes of arthritis in older dogs. Therefore, you need to cut down considerably the amount of red meat you feed older dogs. As for your puppies and younger dogs read meat and other forms of protein are highly recommended.

Endeavor to feed your dogs with lots of food supplements. Just like human beings, they require it for their growth. Give your dog food supplements like glucosamine which prevents dogs from having joint pains and movement troubles is recommended. So also are calcium, phosphorous and vitamin B2 when mixed with glucosamine makes your dog more healthy and enhance growth.

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by Napoleon Jackson

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