Homemade Dog Food Recipes were developed by pet owners who became wary when it came to the off-the-shelf dog food debacle. At first only a few brands were recalled. However the recall list grew to include well-known brands such as Alpo, America's choice / Preferred Pet, Award, Big Bet, Big Red and countless more. There is also a long list of cat foods that were recalled at last.

In response, many experienced pet owners developed wholesome dog food recipes that varied in variety and consistency. Most of these recipes come in an e-book format since publishing bound books takes time. In time, there will probably be bound books, but for now, we are able to instantly download tons of recipes.

Some of the reluctance to try cooking homemade dog food is the time that it takes. Let me put it like this. If you don't like to cook even for yourself, it may be hard to motivate yourself to cook. I'm being honest with you. However, if you do occasionally cook for yourself, you should try cooking for your dog. Why not try cooking one meal a week that lasts at least two days. I don't think your dog will mind the leftovers.

Sometimes in life, we have to do things that are not on our list of favorite things to do. We do them for health reasons. Not everyone likes exercising every day, but we do it to stay healthy and fit. We clean our houses so that we don't live in filth even though all of us are not domestic gods and goddesses. For the same reason, we should make an effort to cook homemade dog food at least once a week. There are lots of dog food recipes we can choose from to keep our dogs healthy, and most importantly, alive.


by Cynthia S.