Giving the right food to a puppy is an important and basic requirement for anyone who is taking care of a puppy. On the most part puppies simply require enough food as well as looking after them.

A puppy usually grows 20 times as fast as an ordinary size dog. This more often than not means the puppy needs a certain diet to help it maintain its physical growth patterns. The diet that a puppy feeds on should be given a number of times each day so that the stomach is not stretched.

A 4 months old puppy should be fed at least 4 times everyday. As it grows older however, the feeding reduces to 3 times until it gets to 2 times a day.

Different types of foods for your puppy do exist for instance the entirely dry foods and the tinned foods. There are also semi-moist foods and homemade foods. Whatever you opt for, you need to know that a stable diet is very important for the puppy.

When you are making the switch from one kind of food to another, make sure the change is not sudden but rather gradual. Make some mixes as you slowly introduce different foods to your puppy and this gives your puppy time to get used to the different foods. Always have a well prepared homemade diet for the puppy so that you can monitor the ingredients yourself.

It is only by making the homemade food that you will be able to know what your puppy is consuming and in what quantities it is eating. Get some advice from a vet doctor or a professional dog specialist so that they can tell you which exact foods will be better for the dog. The wrong kind of diet will cause your puppy several problems so you have to be careful.

In case the puppy begins to dislike a certain ingredient or food, you need to eliminate that item from the puppy's diet and then pay the vet doctor a visit as soon as possible. Sometimes, this could be depicted by certain ear or skin problems and it can lead to hyperactive behavior and aggressiveness.

When you realize that the dog is displaying these signs act right away and go to the vet doctor. The earlier you do this the better your chances of maintaining a good health for your dog. The life of the little animal is often at risk if there is any delay in treating it or attending to any of its needs.


by Brent Archer