Natural Pet Home Remedies – Why I Treat My Dogs With Pet Home Remedies


I sincerely believe that natural pet home remedies is the best way to treat my dogs, Matilda and Samantha. Yes, I have two beautiful wiener dogs that I adore and of course I want to do everything I can to make them healthy and build up their immune system. So I have looked into what I can do to give them the best treatment at home.

I treat Matilda and Samantha with natural remedies that are good for them. I now feed them a healthy diet, instead of the usual commercial dog food, which includes a lot of by products and artificial ingredients. Even though I feed them kibble, I find the ingredients that are best for them. The dog food I buy is a healthy quality diet, based on protein, whole grains and natural preservatives.

I have also learned that a good daily supplement goes a long way to build their immune system and protect them against diseases. The healthy diet alone does not give them the necessary nutrients that they need to get from nature. Our dogs are constantly under attack from environmental toxins and pollutants that make them sick, and they need a good immune system to be able to live happier and longer. So the daily natural supplement gives them the rich nutrients found in nature that they need to prevent all kinds of diseases from allergies, to arthritis to cancer.

I also take walks with my dogs every day. I love this time with them and they love it too. I think it's the most loving thing I can do for them. I love to watch them sniff their world, the little flowers, the plants, and then look up at me as if they were saying "Thank you Mom". Dogs need exercise to strengthen their bodies and feel healthy.

Since I know that I have my dogs' health care in my hands, I am taking charge to give them the best life I can, free of disease. Even though I do take them to the vet, I try as much as possible to treat them at home with natural remedies. A lot of the medications prescribed by conventional medicine are full of synthetic chemicals that affect their immune system and make them weaker to fight off future illnesses.

So by keeping my dogs healthy with natural pet home remedies I avoid a lot of trips to the vet and avoid giving them toxic medications. There are hundreds of different remedies that you can use at home to prevent diseases and heal your dog.


by Cristina Santeiro

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