Poodles are very cute dogs. They seem to be made just for playing or as ornaments. Poodles look so cute that owners most often ignore a problem that most poodles carry until their maturity: This is the poodles' biting behavior. Allowing this problem until a poodle puppy matures will make the poodle continue to bite indiscriminately.

What Causes Poodle Biting

Poodles have a higher biting rate than most dog breeds. It is manifested by the poodle's fondness for biting toys, more than other dog breeds do. If poodles are trained not to bite, they will live by it.

The poodle's high incidence of biting can be ascribed to their instincts. Only a few owners have thought of training poodles because they are supposed to be bred to be just pets. Poodles are among the smartest of known dog breeds, but they are naturally stubborn. Training them requires you to be in control.

How to Stop Poodle Biting

As has been said, poodles are smart. It is easy to teach them not to bite. Socializing is a very important lesson that every poodle puppy must undergo in order to inhibit it from biting. Poodle puppies should not be taken away from their mothers before they reach eight weeks old, to see to it that their mothers have taught their puppies not to bite. This is also the time that the puppy learns to suppress its desire for dominance.

Poodle puppies should be socialized as they reach eight weeks of age. Enrolling them at puppy day cares available is also a sound idea because biting aversion lessons are taught here. Treat your puppy calmly while it is going through with the lessons. Never shout at it. Never shout at it. All puppies are fragile creatures that easily become afraid. This can also translate to future aggression issues later on.

Any manifestation of biting in poodle puppies should be addressed at once. If the puppy bites your hand, give it a toy. You can also show to the puppy that biting is painful by producing soft whimpering sounds whenever it bites.

Poodle Biting in Older Dogs

Older poodles with biting issues can be controlled if you impose your dominance upon it. Older poodles should see you as its alpha leader so that it will stop asserting its dominance. A way to show it that you are in control is by scheduling its feeding and walking times. You also need to teach your poodle to perform basic commands, avoid playing with your poodle any games that relates to aggression such as tug of war or chasing, which the poodle can use as a chance to bite.

If your dog is anxious or aggressive, you can take it to an obedience class where it will be trained not to bite and socialize.

If your poodle's biting or aggression persists, you should consult a professional to resolve this behavior. You can also visit a vet to find out if your dog's biting is caused by health problems.

Remember, biting is a sign of a deeper problem. The cause should be discovered at once so that your dog's biting is stopped.


Source by Stan Beck