Pug Temperament & Personality


If a Pugs personality had to summed up in two words it would have to be “class clown”. Pugs are typically funny, friendly, adventurous and the life of the party. One of the best breeds for family dogs because they are good with both the young and old. Our pug Martini loves elderly people and young children alike. If you have a Pug and take it out somewhere expect everyone to stop, pet, and ooh and awe. Pugs are extremely intelligent, happy as can be, and lovey lap puppies.

It is said that a Pug will mirror their owners personality – if you’re a couch potato they’re a couch potato. If you’re active and out and about the Pug will want to be your traveling sidekick.

Pugs are known to be “shadows”. Our Pug, Martini, is our 15lb shadow. She follows us everywhere from room to room and has to know what we’re doing at all times. If that is something that would bother you, a Pug might not be the choice companion to have. Pugs can have severe separation anxiety and should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Pugs are known to be good watch dogs and extremely loyal. Devoted to their loved-ones and a faithful companion. Another great trait about Pugs is that they are not yapping dogs – rarely does our Pug bark unless she is startled.

It is said Pugs are good apartment dogs. I’m not sure because we are fortunate enough to live in a house with a decent sized back yard. Martini likes to frolic in the grass but most of the time prefers to be inside with the family.

Pugs are great family dogs and should be treated as one. Pugs are not meant to be outside dogs due to their constant need for attention and because they are very sensitive to cold and hot weather. Also, Pugs should not be over-exercised because they can overheat very easily and cannot cool down as easily as other dogs.


by Christine J Rankin

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