If you are concerned about what you're feeding your dog since the recent pet food recalls, recipes for homemade treats are worth a closer look. Making your own treats is not much more expensive than buying them commercially. In fact, it may be cheaper.

Commercial treats contain small amounts of low quality meat and large amounts of filler. They are also full of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. These scientifically engineered foods resemble nothing that dogs would eat in the wild. More and more people are taking the time to remove artificial foods from their diets – isn't it time to do the same for your pet? Take the time to research some recipes and begin making your own chewing bones, cookies and other snacks. You might actually have fun doing it!

To learn how to make snacks for your dog, first find a website or book with appropriate recipes. There are many available for a reasonable price, and they will help you design a diet appropriate to your dog's breed and size. This diet should also include small training rewards for good behavior. Be sure to calculate these treats into your pet's daily nutritional requirements.

Before you begin using recipes, be sure to consult your veterinarian. Explain to her that you want to start cooking for your dog, and show them the recipes. Getting your vet to approve the new diet is the best way to be sure you're doing what's best for your dog, since they know exactly what nutrients your pet's needs. You also need to take into account that your dog's need will change with his age, so be sure to adapt your cooking to his requirements.

Some snacks can be as simple as combining leftovers and meat scrap. However, there are recipes that are actually quite fun to follow as well. Imagine being able to make your dog his very own biscuits and cookies! He'll literally jump for joy and bend over backwards to get more!

By cooking food for your dog, you're choosing to extend your dog's life in a natural way – by feeding him the right food. Researching recipes for homemade treats is a great way to keep your favorite companion healthy and happy. Avoid commercial snacks as soon as you can and gradually introduce the new ones – your pet is sure to love them. After all, they contain actual meat, vegetables, and grains – real food!


by Patrick Doherty