Owning a pitbull can be extremely rewarding and also nerve-wracking. Pitbulls can be an aggressive breed if not trained properly. Seeing that you are searching for information online, you have got to be motivated. Listed here are 5 useful suggestions to help make your pitbull puppy training less difficult for you and preferably more effective.

1. Remain calm

Whenever you are calm, your puppy is going to be much less excitable which, in the case of pitbull puppies is an important factor. And remember, absolutely no raising your voice — your puppy is only a baby. Keep in mind, you will be training your dog how to do things the right way since he or she does not know any better.

2. Giving Treats

The bottom line, we are talking about bribery here, plain and simple. Any time your puppy does something right, reward the action quickly with plenty of love and praise and a tasty, nutritious treat. If it helps make you feel better, you could consider the bribery “positive reinforcement. The point is, your puppy will certainly not forget what goes on whenever he or she does something good, and definitely will continue doing the same.

3. Ignoring Bad Behavior

Young puppies are convinced the whole world revolves around them, and the very best things in their lives is all the attention they receive (and doggie snacks, obviously). If your puppy does anything unacceptable or naughty, never yell or shame them; bad or good, it is still attention. Merely walk away and ignore your puppy. This process is extremely successful and is used to demonstrate to your puppy that which you regard to be unwanted behavior.

4. Replacement Therapy

When learning how to train a pitbull puppy please remember, they do not understand what they may and may not do until he or she is shown. Rather than penalizing your puppy when they chew on a sneaker, say “no” in a strong voice, then remove the item, replacing it with one of the pup’s acceptable chew toys. Quickly praise he or she for chewing on the “right” toy. Before long, your puppy is going to be trained to understand the laws of your house.

5. Consistency is KEY

That about says everything you need to know. You must be consistent about everything you do so that your puppy doesn’t get mixed up. Dog therapy and anti-anxiety meds for an erratic dog is costly later on in life, so far better to teach the basic steps correctly the first time.


by Laura Wilkes