A trained Miniature Schnauzer is a happy dog ​​and consequently their family is happy too. Puppy training begins at birth on. You must continue the training of your new puppy immediately upon bringing them into their new home. Miniature Schnauzers are the perfect family pet. They are also extremely intelligent. With that being said, a happy family is when your puppy is a happy dog. A happy dog ​​is a trained dog.

If you are not Miniature Schnauzer savvy you could find your puppy training you. A puppy will do whatever you tolerate, much like children. Everything a puppy does is cute. Yes, listen to me say it one more time; everything a puppy does is cute! However most of the behaviors of a puppy will not be cute as an adult dog. Consequently you must give "negative markers" to undesired behavior. I use "aa aa" or simply "no"

In order to have a happy puppy and a happy family it is paramount that you train your puppy immediately. Much like children, puppies are able to be trained almost immediately.

By 2 weeks old my puppies know how to trust, lay on their backs and be held much like a baby. By 3 weeks old they are starting their grooming lessons once a week. By the time you take your puppy home it should be trusting, confident and manageable. It should know the desired behavior on the grooming table. The breeder should have been cutting their toenails every 3-4 days. As you can see their obedience training has already started.

When you take home your 8 week old puppy the first 2 trainings are "Zoe Come" and then the command "sit"! These 2 commands can be taught at 8 weeks old on the first day. At this time you can also introduce your puppy to a leash and collar.

The basic commands that all dogs should master are … "come", "sit", "heal", "down", "stand", "off", "out", "back", "in", "kennel , home, crate "," calm or quiet "," no barking ".

No dog should ever be left alone outside unsupervised except for extremely short periods of time. Dogs left outside often times will become bored, anxious and agitated which leads to barking, chewing through the fence, digging, destructive behavior and more.

I recommend that you enroll your new puppy in a puppy training class. A trained Miniature Schnauzer is a happy dog ​​and consequently their family is happy too.


by Barbara S Williams