The cliched saying goes “Every man is a dog’s best friend.” But do we know exactly what our best friend thinks or feels? Especially when it cannot be conveyed to you verbally. It is a mystery after all. We humans are verbal in nature. Dogs? They bark and whine. And sometimes both. It’s mind boggling. Now, what if dogs could speak? What could they possibly say? For sure it is not something as pleasant as expected. For all we know it will sound like a censored Eminem song.

Why? Read on to find out.

1. Dogs hate it when you stare

It is inevitable. Dogs are by far the cutest living beings as a personal opinion. The way they are fascinated by the little things around them, gets us wondering why? They spot a squirrel and they go bananas. They see your shoes and it automatically becomes a chew toy. Such things are so adorable that you are bound to look at them for a while. But here is the thing. Often, dogs tend to translate stares into a challenge. If it’s your own dog, then they can handle it for a while. After which they too get uncomfortable and behaves funny. If it is a street dog or a dog who is not comfortable with you, they will get extremely defensive.

Tip: Never look into any dog’s eyes when they are aggressive, edgy or tensed.

2. Dogs Hate hugs

But how could you not? They are so fluffy, cute and adorable. It is so tempting to hug them. But most dogs hate it when you hug them. Now, if it is your own dog then it is alright. Because they know you well. But never hug any other dog who is not familiar with you. The reason is, from ages together canines have different ways of portraying affection, unlike primates. They never put their arms around each other and grasp to show their love. Most of the time it is a symbol of control or domination.

Tip: Let your friends and family know that unless your dog is keen on getting hugs, they must stick to a gentle pat on the head.

3. Dog hate to be left alone

Don’t we all hate to be left lonely? For some of us it is the much needed break. For the most of us it is an unfortunate turn of events. But for dogs, being left alone means you dislike them.

Did you know that if you leave dogs alone without another canine or human being accompanying them for more than 10 hours, they are bound to develop psychological disorders. They end up barking excessively, Unnecessary digging, separation anxiety and other myriad of unnatural behaviours. They will lose their house training and end up destroying your furniture and other important things in your home. Funny part, they actually know what matters to you the most and end up destroying that as well. Bet it your most valuable and favourite coat or the cheap stationery lying around in your house.

Tip: If you have to work during the day, then ask a friend or your neighbour to accompany your dog. If your dog is aggressive then a there are many pet care stops in and around your locality, who can certainly help you with it.

4. Dogs hate it when you interrupt their sleep

So you spend the entire day vandalizing your house, making your master run around cleaning up your mess, running for your life when they want to give you a bath, chasing around bees and squirrels, barking at the hot babe down the street and grunting at those trying to look at her. After which, you finally go for you much needed and deserved nap. Then boom! Your master wakes you up and startled the living dog poop out of you. How irritating.

Now humans, think about it. Would you like to be woken up from a beautiful sleep especially when the dream you’re dreaming is the dream you want to live? No. Nobody does.

Dogs get extremely stunned when somebody wakes them up from their sleep? Ever noticed how jumpy your dog is when they wake up unexpectedly? It is not because they are excited to see you, it is because they got scared.

Tip: Let your dog wake up naturally, especially if your dog is old. He deserves it for being too cute and loving you no matter what.

5. Dogs hate it when you are inconsistent

Not inconsistency in your life, but with them. Here is a scenario. You com back home from work and the first thing you do is pet your dog and let him jump on you. Then you feed him. But when you have visitors at home, your forbid your dog from portraying affections to them. Then you are so busy in engaging with the guests that you skip mealtime for your dog. That is when your dog comes begging you for food from your plate.

This discrepancy is what confuses and drives your dog to a dilemma.

Tip: Train your dog the way you want them to behave with others. If jumping on strangers is not allowed, then do not encourage them to do it with you. If begging in intolerable then don’t feed them food from your plate. Instead, place it in their bowl.

Pets are humble and helpless beings. They will react to you the way you react to them. Don’t put on a tight leash. It suffocates them. Don’t change their routine. Because they live and breathe by routine. Love them till the end and protect them just as they would. Because they are only a part of your life, but to them you are literally their entire life. Make it worth it.


by Hita Prem