The first task at hand, after you have acquired or adopted a new canine member to your family, is to choose an appropriate name for him (if it is a male dog). While there are numerous choices for male dog names, you have to choose the right one that fits your dog perfectly. Granted, selecting a name for your pup is a Herculean task as you have many things to consider like the breed, the color and other traits before choosing the name. Here are some handy tips for you to choose the right name for your male pup.

Most Popular Male Dog Names

We’ll start off with the most popular male dog names in use as these names are eye catching and sound great. The most popular choices in 2009 for male dogs were Max, Buddy, Jake, Rocky, Bailey, Cody, Charlie, Bear, Jack and Toby. Some of the other widely used names in 2009 were Duke, Lucky, Sam, Harley, Shadow, Sammy, Zeus, Oscar, Riley, Tucker and Bandit.

You can also choose from Alpha, Calvin, Ben, Hero, Jack, Jake, Bruno, Casper or Chip. If your pup has the genes of a giant then you can name him Hulk, Hippo, Dragon or Conan. In case he is of a smaller breed you can think of names like Elf, Dynamite, Hobbit or Heath Cliff.

Some Cute Male Dog Names

If your kids want cute and endearing puppy names then Cadbury, Brownie, Coco, Guy, Ham, Fido, Bingo and Archie are a few really cute names for you to choose from. Of course, the name also depends on the character of the pup. If he sleeps a lot you can name him Dozer, Buster or Bang or if he has a huge appetite you can name him Dragon, Amazon, Glutton, Cruncher or Cracker. The cute dog names you choose can also be related to some famous historical person like Aristotle, Hercules, Da Vinci, Jekyll, Genghis or Henry.

Perfect Names

You can also name your pup after royalty, for instance, Sir Galahad. Doesn’t that sound grand! Or names like Apollo, Czar, or King Napoleon will sound majestic. Character specific pet names like Gruff, Chip, Grouch or Gusto also rank high among the perfect male dog names. Achilles, Bullet and Bang are also some perfect names that will fit your pup if he is a very active and lively one.

Unique Names for Your Male dog

If you are looking for something unique that is exclusive and unmatched then you can go for names like Jig saw, Goliath, Fur Face, Big Tail or how about Hermit? You can come up with descriptive names like Incredible, Dazzler, Energizer or Flipper. Or you can just call your pup with initials like JD. These unique names for your male dog are sure to be a great hit among your friends and family.

Whatever name you give your pup make sure it fits him perfectly, as you can’t keep changing his name every now and then. Make sure that your whole family approves the name you choose as once you name him it stays for his life. There are thousands of choices for you and all you have to do is spend some quality time to pick the right one.


by Rob Zygelman