Nothing can help save you from a dog who misbehaves, or gets in the way while you’re working, or cooking dinner than fun, yet tough dog toys. Some dogs will covet their toys and won’t chew them aggressively (depending on their breed and temperament), but others will have pieces of any toy you give them strewn all over the floor within minutes.

“Tough” Means They’re Safer

The advantage of buying tough dog toys, over the $1 variety is that they will last and they’re much better for your dog. “Indestructible” toys are normally made of extremely durable rubber or plastic and are great exercise for your dog’s teeth and jaw since they’ll be able to chew on them for longer periods of time. Yet another advantage is the harder a toy is to chew through, the less chance they may accidentally or purposely swallow bits of the toy and choke on them.

Cute & Durable

There is nothing more fun than purchasing a toy that makes strange animal songs, as most dogs will get a cute look on their face at the sound of a cow mooing at them. The trouble is that while the will love them, it’s inevitable they will chew through the toy quickly to get to the sound box of the toy and destroy or swallow them. When you get tough dog toys, with the “indestructible” label; you can be sure it’s not going to be bits of your hard earned money laying on the floor 20 minutes after you give it to your dog.

Look for the Guarantee

Most owners that have aggressive dogs feel limited to buying tough rope toys or bones for their dogs entertainment: However, plenty of manufacturers that make tough dog toys are brave enough to put a guarantee on their products, so it might just be time to get brave and find a “fun” toy for your furry family member.


by Tiffany Windhurst