Two Effective Tips for Teaching Your Dog How to Sit


A dog that sits when ordered to do so makes its master proud. The problem is, a dog will not sit right away and teaching it to obey this command is easier said than done. Right off the bat, training an animal to do something requires tremendous patience and consistency. On another note, teaching your dog to sit is also a form of obedience training. Being successful in this training is very likely to make you successful in teaching your dog to follow other commands and even tricks. But how do you get this done?

Tips Before Training

· The dog should already be responding to its name. If the dog is not at this level, teaching it to sit will not work.

· Prepare treats and make sure this is the dog's favorite.

· The dog should be a little hungry at the time of training.

· The training environment should be free of distraction. The training will not be effective if there are other dogs, children, or too much noise.

· Always use a calm voice and do not be angry if the dog fails to deliver.

· Be consistent. Set a schedule for training and do this every day or regularly to establish a routine.

Method I

· Take the dog to a nice and quiet location.

· Stand in front of the dog and get its attention.

· Pop out a treat and let the dog see it.

· Lift the treat high above the dog's nose. Make sure the dog can see it.

· Move the treat backwards towards the dog's tail, maintaining the elevation.

· While doing so, say "Sit".

· Once the dog sits, give the treat and praise it heartily. Say "Good dog!" or "Good boy!" and stroke it aggressively.

· Rest for about a minute.

· Do the activity over again for five times then call it a day.

The downside to this training is the possibility or likelihood that the dog will jump to reach its treat. If you come across this problem, the next process will work for you.

Method II

· Follow the first two steps in the first method.

· This time, you will not take any treat out.

· One you have the dog's attention, say "Sit".

· Expect the dog to just stare at you or bark.

· Put your hand on its back, just at the place where the tail meets the spine, and gently push down while saying "Sit".

· Once its buttocks reach the ground, give the treat and praise it heartily.

· Repeat the steps again.

More Training Tips

· After several days of training, check if the dog has already learned the command. Order it to sit and when it does, praise it heartily. You can still give treats at this level but use it sparingly.

· If it does not obey, you are back in square one.

· Do not over-train the dog. Any animal, even humans, cannot learn if tired or stressed.

· Never punish your dog!


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