In researching dog treats and dog food, I stumbled upon an article that mentioned that many dog food manufacturers, once realizing that grain is not good for dogs, jumped on the band wagon to remove the grain from their dog foods replacing the grain with potatoes. Using potatoes keeps the food costs down. The fact is that grain and potatoes are just fillers. Neither is necessary for our furry friends. It seems like a simple enough substitute. However, they need to consider the health benefits or lack of benefits in doing that.

So the question is “Are potatoes a good substitute for grains in dog food?”  The answer is: it depends. It depends on how the potatoes are cooked. During my research, I learned that potatoes cooked at high heats through roasting, baking or frying create a chemical that when consumed in large quantities can cause some serious health issues. The chemical created is called acrylamide which has been shown to cause stomach cancers in dogs. There is little or no acrylamide formed if the potatoes are boiled. Remember dogs eat the same foods every day two or three times a day. Their diets don’t vary as much as ours. And we usually tend to stick to the same manufacturer and maybe get a different meat but it’s still basically the same food day in and out with varied treats hopefully!

Check your dog food ingredients. If you see potatoes, contact the manufacturer to determine how they cook the potatoes. If the potatoes are boiled or cooked at very low heat, then you can continue using that food. Maybe consider varying it every other month with a grain free dog food. Some dog treats contain potatoes and some are baked. Dog treats are not given to dogs in high enough quantities, however. Treats are also varied more than dog foods, too, if the furmates are very lucky.

Dogs can’t choose for themselves. So take care of your favorite canine family member by watching what ingredients they are being fed. Help them to live the longest, healthiest life possible. Give them love and give them treats for being the best four legged companion you know and love.

If you are asking if the same is true for humans who consume lots of potatoes cooked at high heat, the answer is yes. Be good to yourself and your human family members and consider using moderation in your consumption of potatoes cooked at high heats as well. Yes, this includes those luscious French fries, potato chips, even sweet potato chips!


Source by Julieanne Case