Dog Joint Supplement – Does it Really Work?2 min read

Did you know that 20% of dogs in the United States are affected with arthritis? While older dogs are prone in developing this condition, younger ones are also at risk especially those who are inactive and overweight. One of the best ways on how to prevent arthritis is by making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise every single day. Will exercise still help if your dog already has arthritis? Absolutely!

Surgery should be your last option in treating dog arthritis. There are plenty of things you can do to treat the disease like making your pet take a dog joint supplement. It will not only prevent the disease from getting worse but it can also help reverse some of the existing problems for dogs with minor to moderate symptoms. The earlier you detect dog arthritis the better your chances are for your dog to recover quickly.

The most common and effective ingredient of a dog joint supplement is Glucosamine. There numerous studies that prove the effectiveness of this amino sugar when it comes to treating arthritis. How does it work? Glucosamine converts in the body to be a compound which is responsible for the production of joint cartilage. It also targets the root cause of arthritis thus inflammation is reduced.

For a dog joint supplement to be more effective, it has to contain ingredients other than Glucosamine. Chondroitin is one of the ingredients that can work really well when combined with Glucosamine. Other brands also add MSM or methylsulfonylmethane. MSM does not really help in reducing inflammation nor it helps address the main issue but it definitely helps in managing the pain which is why it is combined with the amino sugar Glucosamine.

So if you’re going to ask if an arthritis supplement really works, in general it does but you also have to do a lot of reading and give your dog the best treatment he can ever get.

by Lexie McCallister

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