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Dogs are deserving of our appreciation and care. Just like human beings need good food with vitamin supplements to be healthy and strong, our dogs also need good nutrition including vitamins and minerals. Various dog food companies have been advertising their inclusion of dog supplements for good health. With the recent scares of bad dog food from foreign sources, pet owners have been cautious and naturally want to be certain that the food they provide will promote good health.

Just like humans, certain vitamin supplements create conditions to improve areas of the body. There are formulations that provide support for the hip and joints by way of an anti-inflammatory therapy. The combination of Glucoasamine, Chondroitin, Clucosmine Methylsulfonlmethane (MSM), and Vitamin C are believed to help dogs from developing osteoarthritis along with other hip and joint problems. Veterinarians and Scientists who specialize in animal nutrition have formulated some of these ingredients, although some of the same ingredients are formulated for humans. There are many aspects of the human body that are similar to animals of all kinds.

Vitamins are good for dogs of all ages. The combination of supplements may vary but the need is still there regardless of the condition or age of the dog. If the food being used does not have adequate nutrition supplements can be administered by pill or added to the food in liquid form. A very good way to combine training and treats is to reward the dog for good behavior with vitamin wafers, which the dog takes as a treat. Many supplements are to be administered daily, but it is prudent to read the companies directions carefully before use.

Just as it is with doctors who practice human medical care, Veterinarians are primarily trained to use medicines after an illness or injury has taken hold. Some may understand preventative care and suggest a series of vitamins to address particular dogs problems. Strengthening the immune system or joint structure system of a dog before it deteriorates is always the best way to care for a pet.

Dog supplements are readily available through online providers. The internet is the way to find more information on a company and the claims they are making. There are ways to check out the products and services that often have professional advisers giving information. A dog has a special place in the heart of an owner. Showing that you care is going to be noticed and a healthy dog ​​will be able to show appreciation for many years.

by Vincent O'Neil

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