Names For Male Dogs Speak Louder Than Actions3 min read

When you look at the many names for male dogs that exist, how do you choose the correct one? You do have to be careful in your choice because giving the dog a name can also give others the wrong impression of your pet. Naming a very docile and friendly dog ​​Satan or Killer will certainly portray the wrong impression and people will be afraid of the dog because of its name. Even though you may think it is funny, others will not.

The name you choose for your dog will also tell others what you think of the dog. Giving a handsome make dog a silly name will make others think you don't love your pet and that you are making fun of it every time you say the name. Dogs will also sense this when people laugh when they hear its name being called.

The Top 20 male dog names are:

– Maxx

– Jake

– Buddy

– Bailey

– Sam or Sammy

– Rocky

– Buster

– Casey

– Cody

– Duke

– Charlie

– Jack

– Rusty

– Sparkey

– Toby

– Marley

– Barney

– Winston

– Harley

– Murphy

– Shelby

The one thing you will notice about all of these names is that they consist of one or two syllables and are easy to say. This is something that you have to consider when choosing a name for your dog. You will have to use this name quite often during the day, especially in the puppy and training stages, so it should be one that will just roll off your tongue. A name that is easy to pronounce is one that the dog will readily come to recognize as its name.

While these are the most popular names, you may want to choose something more suited to the dog personality. The best way to make this choice is to wait until you have the dog home with you and you have a chance to observe its behavior. If it is very curious, you might want to name it Nosy. Just keep in mind that this is the name that the dog is stuck with into adulthood, so a name that is well-suited for a puppy may not suit the dog when it is fully grown.

There are no set rules for choosing male dog names, but they do tend to be short, masculine sounding and have lots of hard consonants. A small dog may have a cute sounding name that would not sound as good on a large breed of dog. Keep the breed in mind when choosing a name as well. If you choose a long name, such as Carlitos, chances are children in your family will not be able to pronounce the name and will shorten it. This could cause some confusion for the dog when different people call it by different names. If you do have small children, you should try out several names that you like and choose the one that they can easily say.

by Warren Wong

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