Pet Clothes: Necessity or Fashion?2 min read

A number of individuals find it funny and inappropriate to see dogs walking around with stylish dog clothes on. They find it unnecessary to don pets in pieces of clothing thinking that it will just be a burden to them. Some would also ask if clothes for pets are a necessity or just simply fashion. The answer is both.

Pet clothes as a necessity

Think about yourself and ask these questions: Why do you wear clothes during ordinary days when in fact our ancestors wear almost nothing? Why do you need a sweater or a jacket during the cold seasons? Why do you need a raincoat when it rains? Why do you need shoes when you walk? Why do females put on hair clips or hair ties? It is because you need extra protection from the hazards of the environment including climate changes. The same applies to your pets.

Yes, dogs have their own coat of fur and they normally wear nothing. Just like you, they need extra protection especially the small breeds like the Chihuahuas, Yorkies and Maltese with small dog clothes.

Clothes are made not just for fun and beautification but it comes with a purpose. During extremely freezing temperatures, dog snowsuits and snow boots, dog coats and dog sweaters are very useful. When your dog goes on swimming, he also needs a life vest for safety.

Dog clothes as a fashion

Like human clothing, fashion is an added feature to make dressing your pet an enjoyable recreational activity. It is also an effective way to encourage dog owners to protect their pets from climate changes and environmental hazards that can cause them injuries. Fashion also contributes a lot in the beautification of your dog’s appearance. The different styles and colors will make them look more adorable.

They will simply be irresistible little creatures. It will be a rewarding experience to see your pet walking around proudly with those fancy small dog clothes.

by Praline Ramirez

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