Pomsky Puppies: "Mix a Diligent and Blue Eyed Hard-Worker With a Fur Ball, and Stir!"2 min read

Pomsky Puppies are a cross between a Pomeranian and a husky. They are simply adorable dogs, and even cuter puppies. Like any cross breed, each individual Pomsky can vary in temperament to a certain degree, a little more so than pure breeds.


Pomsky Puppies are extremely energetic yet cuddly little guys and girls. They exhibit some traits, as you would expect, that you would typically find in Pomeranian’s and in huskies. These traits include high energy, but a sufficient degree of obedience and intelligence in order to become reliable and safe dogs. They can very well around children. Many people swear that the pomsky is one of the most child friendly dogs around. This comes from the fact that not only are they extremely fun to play with, but also that they are extremely obedient which means that you can be confident that the pomsky will be playing safe, and also will be obedient enough to stop if the play gets a little too rough for your liking. After all no child likes being bitten by a dog, no matter how small and tiny! And no matter how cute – and believe me, the pomsky’s most lovable trait, not to be shallow, is that it is a particularly adorable canine.


The coat of pomsky puppies will shed, so that is something to be prepared for. However, some variations of the Pomsky definitely shed less than others. Fortunately, since they are fairly small dogs, they will not be noticeably annoying in that regards. Furthermore, their coat is utterly cuddly and cute to the point that you won’t mind a scatter stray hair here or there! It grows to a considerable length, which means that some care and attention is necessary. Occasional grooming and care is enough to make the coat of any pomsky look well-kept and beautiful.

Life Span

Like many cross-breeds, the pomsky lifespan can be longer than the typical pure bred, but not usually by much. The average lifespan could be anywhere from 10 to 14 years. The pomsky can still be susceptible to some of the problems experienced by the Pomeranian, or the husky, namely, eye and joint problems. Many special formulated of foods can help prevent the onset of health problems that would otherwise affect your canine in their later life.

Pomsky Puppies are incredibly adorable little canines who will grow to be obedient and loyal companions if given love, care, and discipline.

by Jaturong Panomphoum

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