Top 3 Dog Hip Dysplasia Natural Remedies1 min read

One of the common conditions that afflict dogs is hip dysplasia. There are breeds that are predisposed to developing it, although environmental factors may also contribute to its development. It is caused by the failure of the hip-joints to develop normally, and these joints become loose. The painful wear and tear that dysplastic dogs experience then contribute to the decrease of their activities, which may further lead to other health problems. There are natural remedies for the condition, and the top three are the following.

1. Proper Diet

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the importance of giving hip dysplastic dogs proper diet cannot be overemphasized. They should be kept lean as much as possible as extra weight can put more strain on their hip-joints. A high-protein and low-carbohydrate diet may be of help, and free-feeding is a no-no. Moreover, free-fed puppies are more likely to develop the condition.

2. Hip and Joint Formula for Dogs

The formula is one of the natural remedies for dog hip dysplasia. Containing glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and MSM, it helps provide pain relief and repair worn out connective tissues. It may also contain Vitamin C and manganese, antioxidants that not only prevent damage to their hip-joints but also promote their overall health.

3. Proper Exercise

Some dog owners may be hesitant about letting their dysplastic dogs get some exercise for the reason that it may strain their hip-joints, but certain forms of exercise may actually be helpful and used as natural remedies for dog hip dysplasia . Low-impact exercise is good for them, including leash-walking for not more than thirty minutes every day and swimming.

by Sherry R Bray

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