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If you have never considered using an organic dog food and usually purchase commercial brands found in the grocery store, then you are short changing your dog’s health. Organic dog food has become increasingly popular as of late due to the pet food recalls and the fact that they have high levels of nutrients. I’ve included the top three brands that offer complete nutrition, without the use of artificial flavors, by-products or fillers.

PetGuard is an organic dog food that offers 100% complete nutrition. This brand uses wholesome ingredients and has a proper balance of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and chelated minerals. They use no by-products or fillers. You will find no ingredients that are artificial in this food, meaning no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. To preserve freshness and taste, they use vitamins E and C. Not only is it very palatable, but highly digestible so your canine can absorb all the necessary vitamins and minerals found in the various diets.

Another top choice is Karma. This is a product that is a result of a new plane of holistic thought regarding the nourishment of your pet. It is a brand which will not only satisfy the taste and nutritional requirements of your canine, but also satisfy the need to be protective of the environment. They do this by using organic ingredients, managing the environmental history of the product and to maintain a holistic perspective. Like PetGuard, they use nothing artificial or harmful like synthetic pesticides or herbicides, no chemical preservatives or additives and no GMO ingredients. Just wholesome goodness.

Another top brand of organic dog food is Newman’s Own. This is a very popular brand with pet owners because of the high amount of nutrition. Each formula is a unique combination of holistic and organic ingredients that gives the best in pet nutrition. They use natural chicken meat, whole grains, have optimum levels of omega fatty acids and essential vitamins for a healthy and vibrant canine.

If you are looking for the very best food, you should give one of these organic dog foods a try. They all offer complete and balanced nutrition, use safe ingredients, and promote a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

by Robert Playoll

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